Week of 12/10/2018

Solight Design – A foldable, origami designed solar light for the developing world. Replaces dangerous kerosene lamps. https://solight-design.com

BCUN’s 60th Anniversary – Had the pleasure of attending BCUN’s (Business Council for the United Nations) 60th anniversary celebration at the UN this week. A membership based division of the UN Foundation, BCUN convenes leaders from corporations and the United Nations to meet, network and discuss solutions to the issues facing all of us.

EastPark Drive updates – The Global Center for Resilience in Jamaica project keeps moving forward and attracting more partners and support from around the world. AmericanEvolution2019 – Virginia’s 400th Anniversary Commemorations begin in the new year with 12+ months of events, commemorations, festivals, etc. visit www.americanevolution2019.com for information regarding attending and sponsoring this historic EastPark project. Turner Impact – a platform for brands to raise awareness of important issues and their support of them. EastPark has been working with CNN and Turner to help build this opportunity for brands to share their stories of cause.


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