NYTimes: US Climate Report Warns of Damaged Environment & Shrinking Economy

NYTimes This should be a wake up call for every┬ácompany that can do anything about Climate Change; aka every company. Whatever the rules, laws or “industry standards” these companies, every company and every individual can look at their effect on the planet and do something to help. For those of us in the developed world – how many times do you see people sitting in their car running their engine while they play on their phone? How hard is it to recycle? How hard is it to make purchasing decisions based on what a company or a brand stands for?

And how many people have we met at huge companies who have a sustainability staff of three and no budget trying to do the right thing? To be fair we also see a lot of good news as we meet with brands and the NGOs and non-profits we work with. EastPark is here as a resource to connect brands to these organizations, programs, events, and people – and help execute their cause based initiatives. SDG #17 = Partnerships are what we are all about.




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