Week of 12/10/2018

Solight Design – A foldable, origami designed solar light for the developing world. Replaces dangerous kerosene lamps. https://solight-design.com

BCUN’s 60th Anniversary – Had the pleasure of attending BCUN’s (Business Council for the United Nations) 60th anniversary celebration at the UN this week. A membership based division of the UN Foundation, BCUN convenes leaders from corporations and the United Nations to meet, network and discuss solutions to the issues facing all of us.

EastPark Drive updates – The Global Center for Resilience in Jamaica project keeps moving forward and attracting more partners and support from around the world. AmericanEvolution2019 – Virginia’s 400th Anniversary Commemorations begin in the new year with 12+ months of events, commemorations, festivals, etc. visit www.americanevolution2019.com for information regarding attending and sponsoring this historic EastPark project. Turner Impact – a platform for brands to raise awareness of important issues and their support of them. EastPark has been working with CNN and Turner to help build this opportunity for brands to share their stories of cause.


NYTimes: US Climate Report Warns of Damaged Environment & Shrinking Economy

NYTimes This should be a wake up call for every company that can do anything about Climate Change; aka every company. Whatever the rules, laws or “industry standards” these companies, every company and every individual can look at their effect on the planet and do something to help. For those of us in the developed world – how many times do you see people sitting in their car running their engine while they play on their phone? How hard is it to recycle? How hard is it to make purchasing decisions based on what a company or a brand stands for?

And how many people have we met at huge companies who have a sustainability staff of three and no budget trying to do the right thing? To be fair we also see a lot of good news as we meet with brands and the NGOs and non-profits we work with. EastPark is here as a resource to connect brands to these organizations, programs, events, and people – and help execute their cause based initiatives. SDG #17 = Partnerships are what we are all about.




Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre in Jamaica

EastPark is honored to be working with the Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism and the board of the Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre. Based in Jamaica, the Centre is a place for all destinations affected by climate change and other crises to convene, discuss and develop best practices for dealing with these issues.

“The overall goal of the Centre will be to assess (research/monitor), plan-for, forecast, mitigate, and manage risks related to tourism Resilience and Crisis Management. This will be achieved through five objectives – Research and Development, Advocacy and Communication, Programme/Project Design and Management, as well as Training and Capacity Building.”

Our work with the Centre is all about creating partners and sponsors as it officially launches in January 2019. We invite every company, brand and individual who cares about these issues to join this important project. For information about becoming a partner / sponsor / supporter please contact us directly at alevy@eastparkdrive.com

Week of 10/22/2018

Some great meetings this past week. Learned about the state of Blockchain and why the UN and other NGOs are embracing it to do good around the world.

Attended CNN’s Citizen event on Monday – some great speakers and conversation around the current state of the union from Woodward & Bernstein, Mayor Bloomberg and others.

Doing some work with a new important online gaming network – more to follow on that amazing project. Cocktail event for the Safe Water Network on Thursday night – helping to provide water in Africa.

Lots of new projects in discussion – next week is the official beginning of a new project with Jamaica all about best practices for tourist destinations affected by climate change. A huge issue for small and big countries and cities who rely on tourism for their local economies. Will have details on that one next week and on the EastPark site.


Finished the new Michael Ovitz book this week – Who is Michael Ovitz? a story of a guy who built the most powerful agency in  the entertainment business and keep on going to represent major M&A deals and other deal making outside of the normal realm of what an”agency” does. Fascinating story of someone with a different point of view of what an agency can be.

Week of 10/8/2018

Monday being a holiday it was good chance to catch up and layout plans for the week.

Tuesday met to discuss a new project in Jamaica all about The Global Resilience and Crisis Management Centre – a place to discuss and share best practices for destinations affected by climate change, political upheaval and other factors.

Wednesday was a secret meeting that I can’t say anything about for a while…

Thursday and Friday were desk days – calls and emails to brands and clients to help move projects forward and create partnerships for the State of Virginia’s 400th Anniversary Commemoration next year, Turner Impact and other ongoing EastPark projects.

Thursday was International Day of the Girl once again. Glad to see several brands talking about Girl Power and helping to break stereotypes of girls as weaker than boys, etc. Looks like this day is getting more and more attention every year.



Starting with the Social Good Summit at the 92nd ST Y, it was a week of connections and conversations with friends new and old who are working to build a better world.


I was a guest at the SDG Media Zone at the United Nations General Assembly this year and had a chance to hear some great speakers, meet some new people and experience the craziness that is UNGA. 

Johnson & Johnson hosted the Movement Makers Summit at the NYTimes Center. They always put on a great event with compelling speakers and opportunities for networking.

I’m fortunate to be part of these important and meaningful events and conversations to help create and facilitate connections between brands and NGO’s.

Lots more projects and news coming up this Fall. Thanks for visiting EastPark Drive